Dangerous NFT SOLD OUT!!

BRIGHTEST DIWALI to all people who bought NFTs of DANGEROUS because after it has already been SOLD OUT ,now another company bought the rights of Its revenue realisations on a MINIMUM GUARANTEE PRICE of 20% above the cost which basically means all the people who bought the film DANGEROUS will now get a profit of 20% above their investment to be given to them before the release


Apart from the 20% profit above their investment which they will receive as guaranteed by TRICKY MEDIA ,the investors will now also be entitled to 50% of the profits generated once the investment is recovered ..The proceeds will be forwarded to the investors in not more than 45 days from the time of the film realising its revenues from the various sources be it in theatres , pay per view model ,digital rights etc


A dashboard will be provided for all the investors to see in real time, exactly how the sales are happening and in addition all legal documents will be shared on the site ensuring the buyers of DANGEROUS one 100% transparency

The highly successful sale of a film product like DANGEROUS as an NFT using BLOCKCHAIN ushers in a new era in ENTERTAINMENT PRODUCTS MARKETING..This will eliminate all MIDDLE MEN and DEMOCRATISE the BUSINESS of FILMS in an unbelievably TRANSPARENT manner

SALE IS closed now!

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